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محاسبه‌گر سود و زیان EUR/SCR Ask

Amount of Capital

Enter the amount of your capital in the field below to display the amount of your current capital in terms of profit and loss in the side table

۱ Day

1,000 USD

۱ Week

903 USD

۱ Month

1,040 USD

۳ Month

915 USD

۶ Month

815 USD

۱ Year

672 USD


In this section, it is assumed that you have spent part of your assets in the past few days to invest in one of the indicators. Suppose you have allocated 10 million rials of your capital to buy a half coin or buy $ 1,000 in foreign currency. And now, after a period of time and the passage of downward and upward developments in the relevant market, you want to find out whether this action of yours has been profitable or not? For example, 3 months ago you allocated 10 million rials or one million tomans of your capital to buy half coins (assuming 2 half coins of 500 thousand tomans) and today, after 3 months, each half coin has reached 540 thousand tomans. Therefore, your ten million rials have become ten million and eight hundred thousand rials and you have earned a profit of eight hundred thousand rials or eighty thousand tomans. In the same way, different time periods from one day to one year are defined for each index, and according to the need or interest, you can see the amount and direction of the changes in your desired index in each of these time periods. The final point is that for the indices related to the domestic market, the amount of 10 million Rials and for the global indices, $ 1000 is assumed as the basic amount of capital.

مقایسه‌گر سرمایه‌گذاری در EUR/SCR Ask

Amount of Capital

Enter the amount of your capital to replace the result of comparing it with other markets in the current amounts


10,844,816 Rial


11,069,057 Rial


11,019,855 Rial


10,956,025 Rial


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